ATTENTION BIG SANDY: Please Help Us Find Chris's Cat!

by Joy D. Lanham

Chris Thibodeaux and his family was traveling from Port Arthur with their beloved cat, Callie, to escape the wrath of Hurricane Laura. On their way home, they stopped at the Big Sandy Center gas station, located behind City Hall, where Callie was spooked when they opened their car door and bolted away. This cat belongs to Chris, his wife Elaine, and son Neal. Chris suffers from the effects of cerebral palsy and relies on a wheelchair to get around. Callie has been there when Chris needs her by licking Chris in the face when he has a seizure and running to get help from the other family members. Callie has become a service animal for Chris and he is distraught without her with them.

Thanks to our last article, a family has come forward to let us know that Callie was spotted about two weeks ago near the intersection of Wildcat Dr. and FM 2911. However, several people have been searching this area and have not yet found her.
Callie is a well behaved, beautiful calico cat with distinct markings. This last week, Chris has been praying and fasting, seeking God's help to find their beloved cat. Flyers are available at the Big Sandy-Hawkins Journal office located at 201 W. Broadway St. If you would like to help get the word out, come by and pick up a few to share with your neighborhood. You can also help by praying for Chris, his family, and Callie to be reunited soon. If you think you have seen Callie or have her, please contact the Big Sandy-Hawkins Journal at 903-636-4351 right away. Thank you, Big Sandy, for continuing to be a community that cares!